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Who we are

We are PUNK & SUIT - Stefan Marquard (the punk in the top and TV chef scene) and Dave O.Saka (the suit from TABESINC Consulting) - the ultimate experts in gastronomic concept development and consulting.

With our unique approach, we aim to reignite the passion for the craft of gastronomy, inspire established professionals and aspiring startups alike and revolutionize the restaurant industry.

Our goal is to make the profession of restaurateur more attractive in society. We want to help trainees, professionals and aspiring operators to realize their gastronomic dreams and achieve their goals.

With us at your side, you can rely on our comprehensive advice and support. We are experts in solving any gastronomy problem and will help you take your gastronomic dreams to the next level.

Trust PUNK & SUIT to help you succeed in the hospitality industry.

Gastro rebellion with a touch of rock & elegance!


our services

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  • Basic work: Development of an individual concept

  • Dining style: Creative dishes that inspire

  • Location recommendation: Optimal location for success

  • Size & design: Tailor-made for the perfect ambience

  • Kitchen design: Efficient workflows & inviting flair
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  • Kitchen masterpieces: Efficient planning & process optimization

  • Equipment jewels: From appliances to interior design

  • Plant management: State-of-the-art technologies for smooth operation

  • Warehouse ingenuity: Optimal organization for freshness & efficiency

  • Process masters: Regional, seasonal, sustainable solutions
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Marquard Academy

  • Creative cooking revolution: Stefan Marquard's innovative kitchen methods

  • Teamwork in action: Core processes implemented with the kitchen crew

  • Achieving more together: Team-driven implementation of innovations

  • Culinary evolution: Changes in the kitchen, inspired by Marquard

our services

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Guest room

  • Professional redesign of the guest area

  • Training for bar & service staff

  • Fine-tuning & optimization of all procedures/processes for a smooth gastro experience

  • Drinks menu as a sales magnet

  • Creative implementation & optimization of the drinks menu to increase sales & maximize sales promotion
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  • Professional creation of a convincing business plan

  • Creation of a well-founded basic document for presentations to investors, suppliers & banks

  • Carrying out a market & competition analysis for well-founded investment decisions

  • Development of a strategic marketing & sales plan to maximize success
Quality Control


  • Precise investment planning: Sustainable growth through strategic alignment

  • Determining turnover with vision: Analysis for realistic targets

  • Profit & loss with foresight: Systematic planning for financial stability

  • Cash flow optimization

  • Innovative cost efficiency without sacrificing quality

  • Precise F&B cost calculation for maximum profitability
Stefan Marquard, Dave O. Saka, Beratung, Erfolg, Konzept, Optimierung, Gastronomie, Hotel, Restaurant, Spitzenkoch, TV Koch, Autor

“Gastronomy is about much more than just food. It reflects the culture, heritage, traditions & sense of community of the different peoples. It is a means of promoting understanding between cultures and bringing people and traditions closer together.”

Stefan Marquard, Dave O. Saka, Beratung, Erfolg, Konzept, Optimierung, Gastronomie, Hotel, Restaurant, Spitzenkoch, TV Koch, Autor

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PUNK & SUIT by Stefan Marquard & Dave O. Saka

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Punk & Suit

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